BUDA Marilog (Sonnen Berg Mountain View, Bemwa Farm) Tour Package


Tour Itinerary:

  • Sonnenberg Mountain View
  • Bemwa Farm
  • Seagull Mountain Resort
  • Philippine Eagle Landmark
  • Plants and Vegetable Market
  • Short Trekking at Epol Falls (Optional only)

Travel Details:

  1. Travel from Davao City at 4am
  2. Arrive at Sonnen Berg Mountain View Resort 5:30am
  3. Next stop is BEMWA FARM
  4. Next stop is Seagull Mountain Resort
  5. Return to Davao City around 2PM
  6. Along the road are the Philippine Eagle landmark, Vegetable and Plant Stalls

At close to 4,000 feet above sea level, the boundary of Davao City and Bukidnon Province or BuDa, is a favorite getaway of the Davaoeños because of its fresh and cool mountain air.  Traveling about 70 kilometers from Davao City proper and would take about 1.5 hour-long road trip.

1. Sonnen Berg Mountain View Resort

Catch the sunrise and the sea of clouds at Sonnen Berg Mountain View.

Sonnenberg Bukidnon Davao - Davao Rental Tour

Sonnen Berg Mountain View Resort, Marilog District, BuDa


Bemwa Farm, Marilog District, BuDa

Next stop is Bemwa Farm. Mindanao soon followed and in 2011, Davao to make its name known through strawberry picking with the opening of Bemwa Farm in Marilog District, Buda, Davao City. This farm is a 1.5-hour drive from downtown Davao City which offers a peaceful, green scenery, and a cool weather perfect for all ages to enjoy.


There are selling strawberries but seasonal only.  You can buy fresh lettuce and dressing to their market.


Seagull Mountain Resort (BuDa) - Davao Rental Tour

Seagull Mountain Resort, Marilog District, BuDa

Seagull Mountain Resort is one of the many popular destinations in Davao City. It is situated along the Bukidnon-Davao (BUDA) Road in Barangay Lorega, Marilog District, Davao City, and is nestled on a mountain about 4,200 feet above sea level. The Resort is widely known for its cool weather all year round, and thick mountain fog, (even in broad daylight!), that quietly crawls the lush greenery amidst tall Pine trees and wild flowers surrounding the entire area, making it a popular getaway for family outing.

Seagull Mountain Resort is one of the three Seagull Resorts owned by the Dureza family of Davao; the other two resorts are: Seagull Beach Resort in Davao City, and the Seagull Inland Resort in Digos, Davao Del Sur.

Seagull Mountain Resort Waterfall (BuDa) - Davao Rental Tour

Seagull Mountain Resort Waterfall, Marilog District, BuDa

Icy Cold Water Falls in Seagull Mountain Resort. Their 5 1/2 feet pool near the falls. They also have a kiddie sized pool for kids. Tables are available for free where you can eat after swimming.

4. Philippine Eagle Landmark

Philippine Eagle Landmark Davao City - Davao Rental Tour

Philippine Eagle Landmark, Davao City

Along the road back to Davao City, you can pass by the iconic landmark the “Philippine Eagle”, you can take a rest and photos.

5. Plants and Vegetable Market

Plants Market Davao City - Davao Rental Tour

Plants Market, Davao City

Vegetable Market Davao City - Davao Rental Tour

Vegetable Market, Davao City

Along the road back to Davao City, you can pass by some small market and stalls selling vegetables and flower plants.


(OPTIONAL ONLY) Short Trekking at Epol Falls

Epol Falls

Epol Falls, Marilog District, BuDa

EPOL FALLS formerly know as “Green Valley Falls” one of the natural wonders of mountainous area in Davao.
“EPOL”,is an acronym which stands for “Everlasting Power of Love”. The waterfalls is located in Brgy. Baganihan, Marilog District Davao City, 300 meter trek from the national highway.

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