Day 1 – Travel from Davao City at 4am

Arrive at Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural park

After lunch time head to Larry’s Hill and Hugo Sky Lounge

Check-in Hotel in Cagayan De Oro (Overnight)


Day 2 – Travel starts at 9am to Seventh Seas Water Park

After lunch time, headed to Divine mercy

Head to hotel in Iligan City (Overnight)

Day 3 – Travel starts at 8am to head to Tinago Falls

Arrive at Dahilayan Adventure Park, 12NN

Return to Davao City 3PM

White Water Rafting (Extend 1 day & Additional Charge Applied)


DAY  1

Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural park

Mt Kitanglad Range Natural Park - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

Mt Kitanglad Range Natural Park

The Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park (MKRNP), with a total land area of 47,270 hectares, is located in northern Mindanao in the province of Bukidnon in Region 10. Mount Kitanglad is one of five peaks in the Kitanglad Mountain Range at 2,899 meters above sea level. MKRNP was declared a Protected Area through Republic Act No. 8978 in 2000. It was also declared as ASEAN Heritage Park in 2009.

Mount Kitanglad hosts over 600 rare and endemic species, among them the critically endangered Philippine Eagle and the conservation-dependent Philippine Tarsier. Mount Kitanglad is also home to Rafflesia schadenbergiana, the second largest flower in the world.


Larry’s Hill and Hugo Sky Lounge

Larry's Hill and Hugo Sky Lounge - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

Larry’s Hill and Hugo Sky Lounge

This is one of the newest attractions in Cagayan de Oro, specifically at Amaya View (formerly Sierra del Oro) at Barangay Indahag. The place has a wide variety of things to enjoy like paragliding, the maze adventure and the ball pit, as well! Larry’s Hill doesn’t only have all these amazing attractions to enjoy but also has a stunning view of Cagayan de Oro’s western area. There are surely more developments coming their way so better visit the place and maybe snap a photo of the four ‘Transformers’ figures seen near the entrance.

On the other hand, Hugo Sky Lounge is another wonderful place where you could get a stunning view of the entire city and its surrounding green nature. You can also grab a bite here since this is also actually a restaurant. They sure serve great food!



 DAY  2

Seven Seas Waterpark

Seven Seas Waterpark - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

Seven Seas Waterpark

This is a newly built recreational area and the first ever world class waterpark established in the country, so this is one of the Cagayan de Oro tourist spots to see. It has grown quite a name for itself and has been visited by many tourists and locals because of the many thrilling rides and slides such as the Cyclone and Abyss Tornado Ride. The Seven Seas Waterpark can be found at Barra, Opol, so go ahead and visit this place where no one is too young or too old to have fun!


Divine Mercy Shrine

Divine Mercy Shrine - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

Divine Mercy shrine

You can visit a beautiful Catholic pilgrimage site located at El Salvador City, which isn’t too far from Cagayan de Oro also. This has become an amazing tourist attraction and many devotees flock to Divine Mercy Shrine to attend mass or join the events during Holy Week, the Feast of Mercy and the Celebration of the Immaculate Concepcion. You can attend mass in the field shown in the photo above or inside their spacious chapel just behind the 50-feet statue of the Divine Mercy Jesus


 DAY  3

Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

Tinago Falls

Head on to Iligan City’s amazing Tinago Falls! Iligan City is just about an hour away from Cagayan de Oro and is truly one of the most breathtaking places to visit. If you enjoy trekking, then you’re in luck because it is quite a hike to reach Tinago Falls. However, we can assure you that once you’re there, you’ll immediately be stunned by its beauty! The water is really blue and cold, and you can go under the waterfalls by riding the raft. There are cottages just across the waterfall if you decide to stay for a while and bring some food.

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

Dahilayan Adventure Park

You’ll definitely find it here at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, a place not far from Cagayan de Oro! If you want to try out ziplining, racing down the hill or doing a 120-foot drop, you should head on to this amazing attraction that you’ll instantly fall in love with. They not only have great activities to enjoy with your friends and family, but also offer places to stay if you plan on spending a couple of days here. Dahilayan Adventure Park also has a restaurant right by the entrance where you could warm yourself up with a cup of coffee (because it could get really cold here) or dine with an amazing view of nature. I definitely guarantee you’ll leave this amazing place begging for more!


White Water Rafting (Extend 1 day & Additional Charge Applied)

White Water Rafting - Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Tour

White Water Rafting

One of the things that Cagayan de Oro is known for is its challenging water rafting adventure which made the city tagged as the white water rafting capital of the Philippines. Like when dropping by the city, one should try white water rafting.


Many foreign and local tourists have already flocked to Cagayan de Oro to try taming the Cagayan de Oro river through water rafting. With the river’s challenging rapids that quickly follow one after another, just enough to bring an adrenaline rush to rafters. Especially for the first timers, the experience would be unforgettable. Must say the first scare was worth it. And the wild river lets you discover your inner strength and endurance.


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