The Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival in Davao City, Philippines. Its name derives from the friendly Dabawenyo greeting “Madayaw”, meaning good, valuable, superior or beautiful. It is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the nature’s gifts, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living.

Kadayawan Festival Davao

Experience a unique local experience that you will never forget. Learn why Dabawenyos celebrate it, when is it usually held, and get some travel tips on how to best enjoy this festival.

In 2020, Kadayawan Festival is getting celebrated between 10 Aug 2020 – 17 Aug 2020.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go To Davao City

Need a good reason to see and experience the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City?

Since the festival is a thanksgiving for bountiful harvests, you’re going to see a wide variety of fruits like durian, marang, mangosteen, lanzones, and more from all over the Davao Region displayed everywhere in Davao City during this festive week-long event. And, best part is, these fruits are sold quite cheaply compared to other months.

Why not go on a shopping spree in Davao during the Kadayawan Festival? Expect to see stores, malls and street vendors offering bargained deals for a range of items. Just don’t forget to buy “pasalubongs” like durian bars, durian pies, and everything durian or souvenirs from the Aldevinco Shopping Center  for your family and friends back home.

Trust us, the Kadayawan Festival will leave you exhilarated in so many different ways.  Join the biggest and most vibrant party in Davao!

Things to Do in Davao During the Kadayawan Festival


Durian in Davao


Don’t miss out on experiencing the fun activities and make sure to check out as many tourist spots and events as you can during your stay.

Kadayawan Festival


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