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Travel Time: 10hrs

Samal Island Davao - AJTransport Davao Tour

Samal Island is one of the seven thousand tropical islands in the Philippines with a larger number of glorious beaches complete with soft white coral sand, rustling coconut palms and gently lapping turquoise water.  A number of natural waterways and caves are strategically located within the island.


  1. Hagimit falls

Hagimit Falls Davao - AJTransport Davao Tour

Hagimit falls is popular to locals and even tourists visiting Davao City. The flowing water coming from the lush forest of Samal is a thing of beauty as it drops to the stream. The effect is very inviting and invigorating. The best part is, there is no need to travel for so long to reach this paradise.







  1. Bat Cave

Monfort Bat Cave Davao - AJTransport Davao Tour

Monfort Bat Sanctuary. Monfort Bat Sanctuary has been the home of a large colony of 2.3 million Rousette fruit bats since recorded history. They cover 75% of theceilings and walls of their 245 ft (75 m)-long cave. The sanctuary is located on Samal Island, about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) east of Davao City, Philippines.


  1. Paradise Island Resort

The shoreline of the Resort is about 800 meters of powdery white sand beach, and is the longest in the island. It is the only place in this part of Samal Island that has maintained its shores by periodic cleaning by the so called “Scubasurero” and placed a safety net to ward-off jelly fish, anglers and rubbish, from poaching the area. The beach and its surrounding areas are regularly combed and cleaned throughout the day. Lifeguards can be found throughout the swimming area for the safety of the guests.


  1. Kananan, The Beach – more than 300m of white sand
  2. Tinda’an
  3. Ice Cream Kiosk
  4. Massage-Feel the knead
  5. Children’s play ground and park, and Aviary


  1. Maxima Resort

Maxima Aqua Fun Davao - AJTransport Davao Tour

Maxima Aqua Fun has several facilities which any visitor can enjoy.

  1. Two Giant Tarpaulin Water Slide.
  2. Water Blob
  3. Diving Board, Snorkeling, and Diving


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